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The Stage Rally Tables have all been updated - see the website pages HERE

 The Haunted Lincolnshire Classic Run - see the event flyer HERE and the event Regulations HERE - a great fun family event for your 1900 to 1996 car ! Check out the flyer now !!

 LARA Newsletter - please take a few minutes to have a read through found HERE

The Awards Dinner Night Flyer for 2017 (nice and early) can be found HERE

The latest Stage Rally dates are HERE


"stickies" (we'll keep these for a bit as very useful!)

The MSA latest announcement/news that you can individully sign up to receive advance notice of their new Motorsport Proposals
MSA Consultation Alerts - Before (most) MSA rules are changed in “The Blue Book” there is a period of consultation where interested parties can comment on any new proposals. In the past the only way to know that rule changes are proposed is by reading about them in MSA Newsletters or on the MSA website. There is now a service where anyone can register with the MSA to get an e-mail alert when a proposal to change a rule is made, giving  them plenty of time to comment on the proposal. You can sign up for alerts that concern one or as many disciplines as you like. It is very simple and only takes a few moments. I’m sure that many will find it useful and the system will help us all get the rules we need. To sign up visit this link: 

MSA publishes 2016 rally safety requirements - link found HERE





Official Association embroidered badges still available. Full Association colours, suitable for T Shirts, Jumpers, Blazers, Rally Jackets, Sweatshirts etc etc! Currently at subsidised price of only £5.50 each.  Contact Avril now for details and orders ....