The Association has regular meetings and updates from the MSA - our motorsport governing body - and to help cascade the latest new points coming from the MSA we shall publish here a very high level bullet pointed list when received.Please have a look through and if you wish to gain a better understanding of what is being said, please contact the Association MSA Representative.

The MSA "much improved" website - please see the website link  HERE

I also have added the MSA Newsletters for your information.  Usually sent out to all MSA Licence Holders - we will store them here for archive purposes in case you "lose" your own copy. Which usually happens when you need it the most!

October 2016 MSA News
MSA & Welsh Forestry Agreement News
FIA President Letter - October 2016
MSA Scrutineer Newsletter - October 2016
MSA RULE CHANGES - September 2016
September 2016 MSA News
July 2016 MSA News 
April 2016 MSA News 
March 2016 MSA News
February 2016 MSA News 
January 2016 MSA News




January 2015 MSA News
February 2015 MSA News
March 2015 MSA News
April 2015 MSA News
May 2015 MSA New
 June 2015 MSA News
July 2015 MSA News
August 2015 MSA News
September 2015 MSA News
October 2015 MSA News
November 2015 MSA News
December 2015 MSA News

January 2014 MSA News
February 2014 MSA News
March 2014 MSA News
April 2014 MSA News
May 2014 MSA New
June 2014 MSA News
July 2014 MSA News
August 2014 MSA News
September 2014 MSA News
October 2014 MSA News
November 2014 MSA News
December 2014 MSA News

February 2013 MSA News
March 2013 MSA News
April 2013 MSA News
May 2013 MSA New
 June 2013 MSA News


January 2012 MSA News
March 2012 MSA News
April 2012 MSA News
June 2012 MSA News
July 2012 MSA News
August 2012 MSA News
September 2012 MSA News
November 2012 MSA News


June 2011 MSA News







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