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Chown & Wagstaff (2004 Champions)

Chown & Wagstaff - departing Barkston Heath and up Minnits Hill white.

Richard Chown & Mark Wagstaff - 2004 1st O/A Cossack Rally 

 Neil Dodd/Richard Calcroft in action !

2004 Road Rally Gallery

Cossack Rally - 2005

Cossack Rally - 2004

 Cossack Rally - 1990

 Len Grinter/Neil Dodd in a Sunbeam 1600cc

 Richard Booth navigating on 1977 Ystra Road Rally (30th O/A)

 David Williams/Richard Booth - 1st o/a March Hare Rally - Poachers MC

 David Williams/Richard Booth - Bruce Robinson Rally (?) - year ...?

 Cossack Rally - 1993

  Ystra Road Rally - 1977

 March Hare Rally - Poachers MC

 Bruce Robinson Rally - 198?

David Williams/Richard Booth - Renault 25 (?) - working the big car down a Lincolnshire lane !




Lincolnshire Road Rally - 199?






My thanks go to Andrew Manston of M&H Photography for the photos I have supplied to the webpage.

Plus to Neil Dodd, Richard Booth,